The Perfect Anything

I have tasted the perfect cappuccino. It was early morning in Spring and I was exploring the languid streets behind the Rialto market in Venice. The smell of espresso was everywhere and local Venetians walked with purpose to their work habitats. My companion and I decided that a little corner café with red tablecloths and red spring blossoms would deserve a stop. The store owner was a welcoming older gentleman who gladly served us these delicious concoctions that were accompanied by locally made butter biscotti. This moment was definitely a slice of heaven.

So what made the cappuccino so perfect? Was it the subtle flavours and delicious caffeine lift? Or was it that it was set at the perfect temperature for the early morning palette? Could it be that it was served in a perfectly sized cappuccino cup that felt natural in my hands? Perhaps it was that one cup stimulated the desire for a second? Did the sharing of the cup with the right person opposite me influence the taste? Was it the historical setting and animated Italian voices from the group of older men discussing current affairs and the days activities? Was it the novelty of knowing this day was all about you - no responsibility and no pressure to meet the demands of an appointment schedule? I wonder if a perfect moment is the combination of all of the above and more? I think it is!


  1. How can you create and enjoy a perfect moment today?

Written by Dr Rani Samuel
Clinical Psychologist