Colour Outside The Lines

I am on my return flight from Cape Town, having bypassed the wine-lands, the mountain and the lures of shopping malls. This time, together with my long time local friend, I ventured outside the boundaries of traditional tourist highlights. Months of emotionally burdened patients, suicidal corporate junkies and charming narcissists made me yearn for wide open skies, endless roads and relaxed company. It was time to be re-inspired so that I might offer more to myself and to those I care for.

Sutherland, the four hour star gazing destination outside Cape Town did not fail to respond. Like most memorable moments in life, it's the getting there that matters- it's the process more than the product that shifts our thinking. The alluring Karoo desert, with beckoning roads, few cars, warm sun on my face and the lull of Rodriquez, 'I Wonder' playing in the background, gently recharges my soul. At night its the starlit magnificent sky that puts all your priorities into perspective. I am humbled by the infinite wisdom and artistry of our Creator. Time stands still. Every star has a place. Every person has a purpose.

I am ready to return having learnt that sometimes you have to colour outside the lines to find your place in the big picture again.


  1. Are you feeling tired and weary?
  2. What small step can you take to recharge yourself today?

Written by Dr Rani Samuel
Clinical Psychologist