Derrick is 34 years old, a hard working financial consultant with two broken romantic relationships and a five year history of cocaine and alcohol abuse. He had a very stable childhood in a small family that loved God. His father, a misguided businessman was also the local pastor. His mother was a warm homemaker who made sure that Derrick and his brother never missed a single morning of Sunday school. At a very young and tender age, Derrick understood that a relationship with God filled his life with divine possibilities.

The simplicity and innocence of childhood was lost in his teenage years after his mother died of a sudden illness and his father was shot dead in a botched hijacking. Derrick studied after school and left for Cape Town for a prized work position. But life in a new city was cold and lonely. He also missed his parents and looked for comfort wherever he could find it. A new exciting relationship opened the dark door to drug and alcohol use. Today he sat before me lost - forgetting who he was created and groomed to be in the kingdom.

He had to be reminded that he simply needed to reconnect with the God of his childhood. That he was God's 'beloved'. This means that in God's eyes he was precious, adored, much loved, cherished, treasured, prized, highly regarded, esteemed and valued.


  1. Today be reminded that you are the Beloved of God

Written by Dr Rani Samuel
Clinical Psychologist