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As a clinical psychologist, writer and engaged learner; my personal journey has also been painted with the human palette of emotional valleys, restless plateaus and sublime momentary peaks. Like every person, I have not been spared my portion of challenging maturing experiences which over time has moulded me into a mindful psychotherapist and reflective storyteller.

A calling to the area of emotional healing and spiritual wellness opens a humbling and reverent space. Here the most vulnerable thoughts of the human soul are shared, failings of the psyche contained and previously unspeakable secrets are received with openness and gentleness. The sanctity of the therapy room sets patients free to hope and dream again as well as delight in peace that may have alluded them for most of their earthly existence. Calm and containment replaces chaos and instability. The next chapter opens up again.

My therapy and writing over the years has evolved into an innovative blend of both the psychological and spiritual aspects of healing. Being present at the coalface of personal change has made me passionate about releasing people into the fullness of their divine potential by guiding them towards unravelling their intrinsic purpose so that they may become more fully alive!

The following pages are part of how healing journeys evolve. It is my hope that you will find inspiration, insight and a renewed sense of focus for your daily walk in the articles, devotionals and books on this site. Let your journey continue…

New book


From my early days of school, I was enchantingly home in the world of words - reading and writing was my sanctuary. Long letters to friends, short stories, poems, academic papers and eventually books were born.

Refinement took place when I wrote a monthly column for around eight years for a community newspaper called : 'The Mustard Seed'. I was given the opportunity to write freely and develop my talents for crafting story.

In Search of Daniel

‘In Search of Daniel’ is a captivating chronicle of forgiveness and hope.

Strapping young Daniel discovers a devastating family secret on his 18th birthday. As his life spirals out of control, he embarks on a journey of healing from the mountain slopes of Cape Town to the heart of Rwanda and the ancient cities of Israel.

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Living Stones

My first book in the Stone Series : 'Living Stones : Psychological and Insights to Inspire, Renew and Heal Your Life' (2009) was birthed out of this writing journey.

This is an anthology of healing journeys of my patients who gave themselves permission to dream again. The book is replete with touching stories of individuals who decided to make fresh, more significant choices for their lives. Reading their chronicles will guide you to transform and inspire your own healing journey. Through the personal reflection questions and action steps provided within, your journey to emotional healing can begin now.

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Stepping Stones

My second book published in March 2016: ' Stepping Stones to Emotional Healing' was inspired by walking alongside patients in deep emotional crisis. Many look for a pathway through their circumstances, but few can find their way out alone. In therapy patients are given the opportunity to explore ways to work towards emotional healing to find their path to their new beginning.

Stepping Stones to Emotional Healing illustrates twelve intentional processes you can begin to take the next step on your path towards healing. Once again, practical pointers and poignant stories of patients who have gone through their own journeys, as well as workable tools that were crucial to her patients’ success are revealed. Just as a surgeon performs surgery to fix what is in need of repair, a therapist performs emotional surgery which is the beginning of the healing process. There are many 'stepping stones' unique to each individual's walk, but it is not always a linear, logical pathway; it is a journey that is often guided by a therapist who helps to identify the next stone on the path. When you identify your next stepping stone and courageously move forward, your life will begin to transform as you begin the next chapter.

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The Healing Emporium

The story of Claudia, the broken-hearted heroin addict on a journey to heal her soul and reconnect to her divine purpose. It is a beautiful parable about learning to overcome loss, listen to your heart and follow your dreams again. The story is engaging in its powerful simplicity and inspiring wisdom.

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