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A Time to Heal

I am a clinical psychologist, teacher and author who has spent the past two decades working as a psychotherapist who takes people on inner healing journeys.

They say the right book can shift your destiny

A calling to the area of emotional healing

My Personal

As a clinical psychologist, writer and engaged learner; my personal journey has also been painted with the human palette of emotional valleys, restless plateaus and sublime momentary peaks. Like every person, I have not been spared my portion of challenging maturing experiences which over time has moulded me into a mindful psychotherapist and reflective storyteller.

More About Dr. Rani Samuel

I am a clinical psychologist in private practice in Durban, South Africa. I have been working as a psychotherapist for over twenty years, treating both hospital inpatients and outpatients. My work is focused on guiding people through emotional healing journeys who transition from a place of emotional crisis to one of inner calm, in spite of the storms of life.

Just as a surgeon performs medical surgery to fix what is in need of repair, I see my role of therapist as undertaking emotional surgery to heal both fresh and old wounds. I have learnt that each patient’s journey is personal, intricate and non-linear. It’s an honour to be the guide and overseer on this most inwardly treacherous and multidimensional path. I have always been passionate about releasing people into the fullness of their psychological and divine potential so that they become more fully alive.


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